Complaints & Service

Need help, service or support for your Zekler hearing protections?

Contact us on or +46 (0) 321-506 00 and we will help you.

For complaints and service of hearing protection, go through common errors below as a first troubleshooting, if the problem persists, fill in the complaint form with error description and email us and we will help you.

Check the following befor sending the product for repair:

  • Replace batteries and check they are correctly inserted and that there is contact between the batteries’ poles and the metal contact strip. If the batteries do not charge, leave the charger connected for at least 10 minutes because the batteries may be deeply discharged.
  • If there is a problem with the Bluetooth connection and mobile device: Ensure that the mobile device is compatible with the product. Restart both the telephone and device and repeat the synchronisation procedure. When paring, press the button until a beep confirms the synchronization mode and the LED flashes blue/red.
  • The fault source may be in the telephone’s software; check by using at least two other telephones before returning the product.
  • If there is a problem with the microphone’s noise supression check that the microphone is turned in the right direction. The grooved side must be towards the mouth.
    See picture below:



In case of a warranty, we want you to enter the batch number in the complaint form, which you will find on the inside of the battery cover on all models with replaceable battery and in the headband of the 412S.

For any question don’t hesitate to contact us on or phone number +46 321 506 00