Eye Protection

The only way to be absolutely safe from eye injuries at the workplace is to wear the right eye protection, 100% of your working time. To do so requires that you are happy with your eye protection. They should have the right fit, the right protection for the task, and not least - the right style!

One gives the other. If you're satisfied with your eye protection you're safe at work!

Eye protection is worn in order to provide protection against risks directed towards the eyes and face. These risks can be partly mechanical, e.g. flying particles and partly chemical, e.g. chemical splashes. Even protection against radiation, for example UV radiation or bright lights, can be hazards that you may be subjected to over the course of a working day.

In order to be able to safely choose the right protection, it is important to determine what risks exist in the surrounding environment and that you are careful to ensure that the protection is tailored to the person using it.