Electronic functions

Bluetooth® wireless technology

Bluetooth® wireless technology for communication with, for example, mobile phones, laptop computers, iPads and to stream music. Boom microphone with very efficient noise suppression for clear and distinct communication even in very noisy environments. The "side tone" function enables you to hear your own voice clearly and distinctly, and helps you to speak in a normal conversational tone even in very noisy environments. The monitoring function is maintained during incoming calls for safety reasons. The "Adaptive Volume Control" automatically adjusts the volume for incoming telephone calls according to the ambient noise level.

Level dependent system

The function is exactly that “Level dependent”. The microphones pick up the ambient noise so you can hear what's going on around you and facilitate communication with your colleagues. Should the sound reach harmful levels the electronics react immediately and take down the level to max. 82 dB. Extremely good in environments with impulse noise, or varying levels of noise. The volume control also allows you to increase the ambient noise and still feel safe. The function reduces the risk of over attenuation and gives you the opportunity of using the protection at all times when there is a risk of damaging noise levels.

AUX Input

3.5 mm audio input for connecting an external audio source, such as MP3 player or FM radio.