Type of protection


An adjustable headband with fork attachment for the cups. The combination together with the cup’s wide sealing cushions give a comfortable protector that can be used for long periods. The soft headband cushion pad and sealing cushions are easily replaceable.

Hard hat mounting

For attaching on a hard hat (30 mm slot attachment). The band with fork attachment of the cups together with the wide sealing cushions provide uniform headband pressure and comfortable use. The hard hat adapter is prepared for mounting a Zekler visor system.

Approved for attachment on these hard hats: IRIS 2, Style 300, Style 600, Balance AC, Balance HD, Peltor G2000, Peltor G3000, UVEX Airwing, UVEX Pheos, UVEX Pheos Alpine, JSP – EVO2, EVO3, MK7, LAS – Rockman S14, S16, S17


Plastic coated stainless steel neckband. Together with the cup’s wide sealing cushions it provides a uniform band pressure and comfortable use. For use with other protective equipment, e.g. a visor, welding helmet or hard hat.


Zekler disposable earplugs are available in sizes S and L, and are made from polyurethane foam. The plugs are conical in shape, completely silicone-free and offer good attenuation at both high and low frequencies. Size L gives a very even attenuation, which allows natural sound reproduction. The composition of the material gives a well-balanced expansion, which contributes to both high safety and comfort. A robust, wall-mounted dispenser is available as an accessory.

Zekler moulded multi-use plugs in size L made from TPE material, also completely silicone-free. The plugs have a stiff shaft, facilitating correct insertion. The soft TPE material quickly adapts to the shape of the auditory canal. The flexible flanges facilitate cleaning. The plugs have a glued plastic cord and come in a plastic box.

Roll and press together the disposable plug as hard and thinly as possible. Insert the plug deep into the auditory canal, take one hand around the head and pull the ear upwards/outwards to facilitate insertion. Allow the plug to expand in the auditory canal.

The multi-use plug is easiest to insert if you take one hand around the head, pull the ear upwards/outwards and insert the plug so that it tightens. The TPE material is softened by the body heat, and the plug quickly shapes itself to the auditory canal.

Wash the multi-use plugs with soap and water and rinse well. Store them in the plastic box supplied. External factors affect the lifecycle: discard the plugs if they harden, become deformed or if the plastic breaches.

Visor system

Zekler Visor System can be combined with a headband and hard hat attachment in the Zekler 400 series and with a separate head frame. There is also a separate attachment for hard hat mounting. This is used when you do not use hearing protection with the hard hat.


Old, rigid and/or worn sealing cushions impair the hearing protector’s attenuation capacity and noise “leaks in”. Maintain protection performance and comfort by replacing the sealing cushions regularly.

If you work in extremely dirty environments or share the protection with others we recommend that you fit the sealing rings with a hygienic disposable cover.