Respiratory protection

It is about your lungs. It is about your respiratory passages.
In order to perform their vital functions both today and in the future, you need to protect them from harmful particles. Some particles are not just unpleasant to breathe, but actually so harmful that they can cause life-long and sometimes fatal illness.

First and foremost 100% usage applies and to use respiratory protection during an entire day means it must fit your face and be comfortable to use.

Filtering half masks are used to prevent harmful particles entering the respiratory tract. In order to be able to safely choose the right type of filtering half mask, it is important to determine what particles exist in the surrounding environment and in what concentrations they are found. It is also important, to obtain optimum protection from the mask so it can easily and flexibly be adapted to the width and shape of the face, etc. so that inward leakage of particles is prevented.

We have a range of filtering half masks that are perfect when you want to work comfortably in risk environments where this type of protection is demanded.