The new 1500 series

Cleaner air – better breathing.

Now we are making the air better at every workplace. Zekler’s new 1500 series consists of filtering half masks with exceptional comfort and perfect fit. The high-performing filter material lets you breathe more easily and will make your work safer in hazardous environments.

Head straps

Convenient and latex free head straps for maximum comfort.


Three-part folding design for optimal adjustment to the face.


Two sizes (S and M/L) for really good fit and comfort.

New exhalation valve

Our most effective exhalation valve everin.


Increased safety with high filtration efficiency and low breathing resistance.

Nose seal

Flexible and comfortable nose seal.

With modern design, high quality materials and low breathing resistance, Zekler is now taking a further step in the respiratory protection category. The new 1500 series has been developed with focus on maximum comfort and the products are available in two sizes to fit different face shapes. The filter material protects against fine dust as well as solid and liquid particles, and the masks are designed to be compatible with eye protection. Six products in protection classes FFP2 and FFP3 are included in the 1500 series.