Meet Mattias Andersson. Mattias is currently working as Greenkeeper at Herrljunga GK and has over 15 years of experience from the industry. He make sure the golf course is well prepared and his job contains a lot of noise. This job requires comfortable and functional hearing protection. For Mattias, it is important that it should work to listen to the radio, stream from the mobile phone and talk on the phone without stopping the machines every time someone calls. We have been a day with Mattias at work and asked some questions about hearing protection.

Are you satisfied with your Zekler 412RDB?
– Yes
How many hours a day do you wear hearing protection?
– I use the protection between 4-6 hours a day.
What do you think is the best with your Zekler caps?
– I think the comfort is good. The level dependent is the best I have had. Works just like I want. I also like the design.
How long have you used your Zekler hearing protection?
– More or less half a year.
Do you have something that you spontaneously think can get better?
– A digital radio would have been great as it keeps the channel better. As we move around a lot I need to change when the reception fails all the time.